Sunday, August 10, 2008

Libby the carnivore!

Libby is officially a carnivore now. After months of trying, she finally had some turkey yesterday. This has been a big deal (for me) because I know we need to get some meat into her (sorry my veg. friends!). I knew if we weren't successful in the next few months, I could at least give her eggs and get some protein in her. But alas, she nullified this concern by eating something with meat! YAY! It turns out for Libby that if we buy the pureed meat (they say it is meat) and mix it with something, anything, she won't eat it. I can't say I blame her - it looks absolutely gross even though it smells like 'real food'. I decided to change my plan of attack and buy something that was already premixed together. The winner for the first trial was Gerber's Sweet Potato + Turkey. I was so excited for her to try it because she loves sweet potatoes and the majority of the smell from the jar was exactly that. She took one bite and didn't even make a face. It was Christmas!! So now we have veggie stew, Chicken and veggies, etc. to try over the next few weeks. Even if those don't work, I am going to buy a million little jars of sweet potato + Turkey. At least she'll be ready for Thanksgiving!

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