Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Round 2

You would think I would know what I was doing since this isn't my first rodeo but I don't. This pregnancy is kicking my butt. Maybe I was in such a state of euphoria with Libby that I was oblivious to being run down and nauseous but I don't think so. This baby, who is now 9 weeks old and the size of a grape, is seriously impacting the way I do anything and everything. My poor daughter doesn't know why Mommy can only play with her in the morning because I have no energy by the evening (even with naps which I am totally taking this time and didn't the last). I would say the difference is because I have another child but that isn't true. Jim has picked up most of my responsibilities because I just can't do it right now. Maybe it is because I am a few years older? Maybe. I wouldn't think 3 years would make that much of a difference but I am turning the big three-zero this year. That's when you are supposed to fall apart, right?

Maybe I just forgot what it was like or this time around my body is just reacting differently. I am doing things differently this time.
  • I am not giving into every craving.
  • I switched Drs. I couldn't imagine going through another pregnancy with my old doctor. She was the one that said I was causing my high blood pressure if you remember. This new doctor is fabulous and an added bonus is 15 minutes away from my house. AND we get to deliver the baby at the hospital close to our house. AND we already have a c-section scheduled for 8/11 (assuming no issues that would make me need one earlier). Have I mentioned I love this doctor? She thinks just like me.
  • I am working out. Well, I was before this latest wave of nausea. I hope to pick it back up later this week. I figure once I get the 2nd trimester things will get better (right? baby in my belly, please say yes!).
  • Tracking my blood pressure daily. With my handy dandy iphone app, I can track my blood pressure easier so I don't have to use the old fashion pen/paper that I always lose. =)
  • Salt - I am trying to avoid my good friend Mr. Salt. It helps that everything (and I do mean everything) tastes too salty to me so I don't want to eat it. That's my baby telling me that food is a no-no apparently.
All in all it is a very, very different pregnancy but some things are the same.
  • Went to Florida during my pregnancy with Libby and did it again with this one.
  • Sinus infection got me my first trimester with Libby and it hit me with this one right out of the gate (week 5 or 6).
  • Quickly expanding. I am not getting as big as fast as with the last (due to me not eating everything in sight) but it is still faster than I would like.
  • Enhanced smelling - I guess I forgot how much better you smell with your sniffer when you are preggo but oh my gosh I did not have diapers to deal with the last time! EWWW!! I cannot even stand the smell of the wet diapers on Libby. Poor Jim is having to change her now because I just gag too bad with them.
  • Hormones - I know guys hate this word but yikes. I am sad one minute, happy the next, mad the would be helpful for me to have a roadmap so my poor husband knows what mood I am going to be in the next hour.
  • Drool. Oh the drool. Apparently you drool more when you are pregnant and I definitely fall into that category.
We get to go to the dr tomorrow to hear the heart beat and talk more baby stuff so I am excited. Keep growing little baby!

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