Friday, January 18, 2013

Half Marathon Training: Week 1 Recap

When I started this week I was excited but really nervous.  I knew it was crunch time and I needed to do this but I wasn't sure 1) what I was doing still and 2) if I was going to be able to really "run" most of the time.  I am not technically done with my week 1 yet but I did want to provide an update and how proud I am of myself and my husband for supporting me.  Without him I honestly wouldn't be able to sneak away to the gym to train so I really appreciate his support!

So here is my recap!

Day 1 (Sunday):  Took the day off because I did 4 miles on Saturday (13:05 pace).
Day 2 (Monday):  2 miles @ 12:53 pace
Day 3 (Tuesday): 1 mile @ 10:23 pace
Day 4 (Wed):  Rest
Day 5 (Thursday): 1 mile @ 9:29 pace
Day 6 (Friday) - Day 7 (Saturday):  TBD - I wasn't able to workout this AM due to stomach issues but hope to go tonight to get my 2 miles in

So when I started this journey on 1/2 I was doing 12 min miles and was making myself complete sick so I scaled it back and started doing 13 min miles.  I also could BARELY do 2 miles.  Now I can comfortably do 4 miles with a 13 mile pace (and that was last week, TOTALLY going to beat that this weekend!!!) and on my shorter runs to increase speed I am down to 9:29 min/miles?!  Holy cow!!  My goal is to get down to 8:30 min/miles running outside.  That's my bigger kicker right now - I am a chicken and won't run outside yet (mainly because I am too cheap to buy appropriate gear :)).  So we'll see how this changes come spring when I go outside for my runs when I can.  All in all I am starting to think I can actually do this and reach ALL of my goals!

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