Sunday, January 27, 2013

Half Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

This week has been rough.  I started out great on Sunday with doing 5 miles but unfortunately I got 2 massive blisters - 1 on each foot.  They were so painful that I could barely walk until Tuesday.  I risks running on Tuesday with some new shoes - thinking I just needed to get a size bigger.  WRONG!  I ended up pulling a muscle trying them out and then finally went to Fleet Feet on Wed.  That made all of the difference so I finally got back into the swing of things...but unfortunately by not sticking to the plan this week, it impacted my pace and strength.  I will come back stronger in week 3!!

Day 1 (Sunday): 5 miles @ 12:00 min/mile pace
Day 2 (Monday): OFF
Day 3(Tuesday): 1 mile @ 10:02 min/mile pace in the AM; 1 mile @ 10:30 min/mile pace in the PM
Day 4 (Wednesday): OFF - got new shoes!!
Day 5 (Thursday): 2 miles @ 11:11 min/mile pace - breaking in the new shoes
Day 6 (Friday): 2 miles @ 10:52 min/mile pace

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