Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lamaze Class #5 – Missing in Action

So Jim and I did not attend the latest Lamaze Class. We made every effort – trust me. Between me having a horrible cold for 5 days and Jim having a horrible day at work…we got in the car and then got in a bad, bad, bad traffic jam on the way and after about 20 minutes of getting stuck in one mile of road (and still being 15 minutes away from the class), we decided just to head home. We would have been about 30 minutes late to the class and I would have spent the entire time coughing – just like I did in the car (poor Jim!). But, I had called the lady leading the class ahead of time to find out the topics and since we had the books, we taught ourselves last night.

  • Child Illnesses and medicine to keep on hand
    • Some common medicines that should be kept in the medicine cabinet are:
      • Thermometer - digital
      • Tylenol "infant drops"
      • Rubber Nasal Aspirator - Bulb Syringe
      • Diaper Ointment - ex A&D Ointment
      • Nail Scissors, Nail Clippers, or Emory Board
      • 70% Rubbing Alcohol
      • Cotton Ball or Cotton Swabs - Cord Care
      • Pedialite or electrolyte solution - ask physician
      • Medicine Spoon or Dropper for Measuring Medicine
      • Saline Nasal Drops
  • Inductions
    • There are several reasons to induce labor:
      • the mother and/or fetus are at risk
      • the pregnancy has continued too far past the due date
      • the mother has preeclampsia, eclampsia, or chronic hypertension
      • diagnosis of poor growth of the fetus
  • C-sections
    • I am going to get more information on this next week when I go early to the class so I will post more then.
  • Positions in labor
    • I will also get more on this after I go to class early to make up what we missed.
  • Epidural
    • I am very sad to miss this discussion and video. Mostly because if I want to have one of these wonderful shots, I have to watch the video ahead of time. I plan on watching it next week or making it up somehow with the leader of the class.
Next week is the last class...I'll post anything extra I learn there on here next week.

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