Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lamaze/Infant Care: Class 2

Last night we had our 2nd Lamaze/Infant Care class. Our normal instructor was there and I am not sure how to react. It was 3 cram packed hours of information. Here was the agenda plus notes along with some of my commentary:
  • Car Seats
    • We talked about the importance of installing the car seats correctly. There are certain places in STL (fire stations mostly) that will install the car seats for you. This website will help you locate one.
    • 5 point harnesses are very important to have.
    • Actually, this website pretty much sums it up everything we talked about.
  • Home Safety
  • Then came the scary part of the class...all about labor. They showed a video but neglected to tell us the woman had all gone natural (i.e., had no drugs). That would have made a lot of us women feel a lot better after seeing all of the women in pain. My fun loving group's entire mood changed and we all were terrified. I only found this out because my sister watched the same video with a different instructor. She told them these are the 'worst case women' that had no drugs. Whew! Anyways - here is what we learned...
All in all - I don't know if it was that I didn't feel well or was tired...but I did not enjoy the class last night. I'm hoping next week will be better.

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Unknown said...

Not sure which video you watched, but this one might be better:

Lamaze Video