Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lamaze/Infant Care Class: Class 3

So we had our 3rd Lamaze and Infant Care class on Tuesday. It is half over and I can't say that I am saddened by this. This week we talked about a lot of interesting things so I enjoyed the class more than last week but they did show us the big 'birthing video' that I have heard so much about. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought and sadly, I cried through it. Not because I thought, "Oh my goodness, this is going to hurt" but that is how I am going to get to meet our little girl. Mushy - I know. But hey, I am almost 8 months pregnant so give me some credit. =)

Topics for the evening:
  • Feeding
    • We got to watch a video about breastfeeding. It was actually really awesome and didn't make it look hard. From my friends, I have learned this can be an easy or a hard processing.
    • The next thing we talked about was formula. The lady leading the class pretty much said that our pediatricians will help us pick something out but we should think of them like soda. They may taste slightly different to all of us or they may not. The only difference is if the baby has allergies to what is in the formula. There are different kinds:
      • Ready to Feed - you basically heat it room temperature and then feed the baby with it. You have a limited amount of time to use the container of formula. Cost: Very expensive.
      • Concentrated - It requires you adding water, stir, and then heat to room temperature. It also expires like Ready to Feed. Cost: Less expensive than Ready to Feed.
      • Powered - Scoop out desired amount (scoop included), add water, and then heat to room temperature. This container of powder usually lasts about a month. Cost: Least expensive option but is also the most work.
    • We also talked about warming a bottle and how it isn't really, truly necessary. She said the baby gets used to whatever we start them off with and at the hospital the bottles (if that is what is given) are not just stored in a cabinet so they could be above room temperature since it is usually cold there.
    • Bottles: There are a TON of different kinds of bottles and different nipples to use with each bottle. Basically our teacher's advice is to pick ones that we like and then the baby will adapt. If the baby gets gassy, we might want to switch to a bottle reduces that (i.e., Dr Brown)....but for now, get whatever we want as long as they are all the same kind. She said that if we get different kinds, the baby isn't going to be able to learn how to drink from it and will get confused.
    • Pacifiers: While this isn't part of feeding, we covered it during this topic. Mostly because she recommended whatever kind of bottle/nipple we choose, if we wanted to use a pacifier to get the same kind of pacifier.
  • Phases of Labor - We just went over what we covered during the previous class. I think they are just trying to prepare us.
  • Lamaze Portion - This is my least favorite part of the class. They taught us to do short breaths (like blowing out a candle).
  • Birthing Video - I don't think I need to elaborate. =)
It was a decent class...also, next week I am very excited. We get to learn about how to bathe a baby and also take a tour of the delivery/labor portion of the hospital. Very exciting!

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