Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy 3 Months!

Libby turns 3 months old today! I cannot believe it. She is just this terrific little person...well, big little person! She gained approximately 3 lbs and grew another 0.5 inches! Just craziness! She is meeting her milestones and can almost hold her head up full time now. She isn't really noticing her hands yet but we're hopeful she does soon! I don't think she realizes they are connected to her yet. =) Her favorite things are Mr. Whoozit, laying on Daddy's legs looking up at him and Mickey Mouse, and staring at anything on the ceiling! She loves bath time until we get her out and then screams constantly. We have figured out to time bath time near a feeding time so that she can immediately after and that seems to help her calm down. Oh another favorite is tummy time! She actually likes it now. Sometimes I even use it as a way to get her to cheer up if she is starting to pout (which she totally does!). She still isn't on any kind of schedule and still eats every 3 hours during the day. The good news is she is sleeping about 6 hours each night and we're still trying for more!

My life has just been absolutely wonderful. I go back to work in 2 weeks and I will be taking Libby to day care. I won't lie - I am totally nervous about this and completely sad. I know that this is what is best for me and my family. I have loved every minute of staying home (ok, well not every single minute =)) and would not have traded it for all of the money in the world. I have almost lost my pregnancy weight but my body is completely different. I have a personal vow to be down to my goal weight by her 1st birthday and I really think I can do it. Of course it would help if I could work out...but some little kiddo won't give me the opportunity during the day and my bedtime is super early (8:00!) that doesn't leave much time! I will find it though.

I'm nervous about things coming do you get ready for work and get a baby ready for day care? Am I going to be able to balance my work life and my personal life? Will she be ok in the day care? She is getting so big so fast and she is outgrowing her infant on this earth do we take her around to places? Just carry her? Oh the fun of the future!

Oh, and we had her pictures taken to remember her this tiny and gorgeous. =) We spent way too much money and plan to put it in our stairway where we have always talked about putting our family's pictures up. It is crazy and wonderful that it is about to begin!

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