Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too Big!

We are borrowing my sister in law's pack n play until she grows out of it. Well, step 1 of growing out of it happened today. We weighed Miss Libby last week and she was 15lbs exactly. I looked up in the manual of the pack n play this morning to discover we shouldn't be putting her in the bassinet portion of it anymore! Luckily we can still use the changing area until she is 25 lbs. I was a little worried that Libby might not like being so far away from 'her bears' (the mobile) but she doesn't seem to mind so much. I love having her there because I can see through the mesh where I couldn't see her before. Max (the cat) really likes it because now he can torment her even more!! It looks like we have less than 10 lbs now until we can give this wonderful contraption back!

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