Friday, December 14, 2007

Screaming Time

Some call it the 'Suicide Hour' and some the 'Bewitching Hour' but lately Libby has taken to screaming for no reason at night. It just started this week. As you know, I am pretty honest about the good and the bad on this whole 'baby thing'. I'm not really understanding this screaming for no reason thing. I think it would be different if she had been doing it all of this time but to start at 11 weeks - it is strange. We haven't changed anything about our 'normal' life. I've looked in every book and every website I can think of. People suggest things like formula, gas, growth spurts, and teething. I would hope if we had a problem with the formula we would know before now. We put gas drops in every single bottle so I would hope that would help...although we have noticed an increase in gas in her, she seems to take it ok. As far as growth spurts - maybe. Most people's reaction when they see her after it has been awhile is shock. She has grown a lot. I mean she is over 15 lbs! Good grief! She is wearing 6 month clothes most of the time now! Anyways, it could be the growth spurts...but teething. Sadly, as my Mom reminds me, I had a tooth at 4 months. This baby looks just like Jim but if she gets my crazy teething mouth we are in for trouble. She is such a good baby - I just feel like we are missing something since she is so unhappy. I'll let you know if (and hopefully when) we figure it out!

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Raukodraug said...

With our older daughter my wife had to go completely off dairy to quell the colic.

With the new baby my wife has had to complete avoid chocolate.

If she doesn't eat chocolate the baby is happy the next evening.

She had a chocolate chip cookie on Friday... the baby screamed for 2 straight hours.

Good luck on figuring out what is bothering Lizzy.