Friday, April 2, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound: Gender

Yesterday, yes on April Fool's Day, we had our big ultrasound and 20 week visit. I was very excited! We picked April Fool's Day because it is very special to us. Jim proposed to me on that day 6 years ago and it has been a fun day (outside of pranks) ever since. So we thought it was perfect to see if the baby would appreciate it too. He/She surely did! We both barely slept the night before because we were so excited/nervous...well, I was nervous and excited. Jim was just excited. =) The ultrasound lady was fantastic. She took many, many pictures (which I will post later after I scan them this weekend) and we got a really good look at our baby. Then came the gender determining time. The baby decided this would be a great time after flailing all around to put his/her hand down in their ... uh area. =) So after begging the baby to show us, he/she did! Then saluted us. I swear. I have a picture to prove it! I thought the baby was sucking his/her thumb and then the tech zoomed in closer to see a salute. And honest salute. It was awesome. Already the baby has a personality! So as you can see, I have not posted the gender here out of respect for my Father-In-Law who wants to try to be surprised of the gender. So, I will have to wait until that gets spoiled (cause I doubt we can make it 4 months w/o spilling the beans to him)...but for now, if you want to know the gender click here for our twitter announcement (To my dear father in law Jim, do not click here!).

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