Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Momma

To encourage our little girl to be gentle with babies, I play baby dolls with her. When we went to the STL Zoo this weekend, I got her a new doll - a baby monkey. She loves it and was so incredibly sweet with it this weekend. We took the new baby to the monkey house but apparently the monkey was scared. Libby comforted her and took such good care of her. She even tried to get her to walk. It was simply adorable. Now if we can get her to be gentle with her future baby brother...

04.18.10 STL Zoo - Showing baby monkey the other monkey

04.18.10 STL Zoo - Comforting her new baby monkey

04.18.10 STL Zoo (15)

04.18.10 STL Zoo (12)

04.18.10 STL Zoo (11)

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