Sunday, April 11, 2010


To my father in law: please don't read because I talk about the baby's gender =)

I've been processing the concept of having two children lately. I'm honestly not worried about handling it because I have a great support system. I am worried about the loss of sleep. It is one thing to handle one baby when she's your entire world. But now, there will be two and I will still need to do things with her even if I am exhausted.

There is also another thing to consider. The baby is a boy. I have absolutely no idea what to do with a boy. That makes me the most nervous. A friend at work just came back from maternity leave after having her first baby, a boy, and was giving me tips. She didn't mean to but she totally freaked me out. I am fine with the concept of car seats, sleeping, puking, etc. It's the difference of diaper changes that has me worried. I am sure the nurses will help that relieves some concerns I have. But still. I don't want to mess the poor boy up.

So now there is just the "task" of getting boy stuff for him. Oh darn. =) I hate buying clothes for babies ;)

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