Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nesting or OCD?

I have issues of obsessing. Pick a thing and I have probably obsessed about it. My habit is to plan something, rethink the plan a million times, pick one option, and then I have to do it ASAP like I am running out of time. So with a baby on the way, you can only imagine what my poor husband has to put up with. We spent weeks if not months of me talking with him about baby monitors and strollers. What we'll do the day of the planned c-section. Options in case we deliver early. Seriously, he's a saint for putting up with me sometimes.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I can say we are nearly done with preparing for the newest Ski member. With Libby, I had no idea what I really needed. Plus, you have showers with your first so you don't really buy a lot until you see what you do or do not get from those. With this one, we have a better grasp of what we will need. And, because I am lazy or smart (take your pick but I prefer the latter ;)), I chose to do the bulk of my much needed boy shopping online. Because I didn't have to wait and find time to go to the store without my shopaholic daughter and drag my hubby (who hates to shop), this was a perfect solution. The result is boxes upon boxes in our dining room. It is the "staging ground" for everything baby related. Once I have everything washed and ready, then they move up to TJ's room.

So am I crazy? Am I nesting? Don't get me wrong...I still have things to do. But as far as my credit card is concerned? I won't be using it for awhile for the kiddo. We just have curtains to buy and new hardware and that is it. Everything else just needs to get washed/cleaned and put away. And, sadly, I am already planning when and how I can do that and have changed mine mind 3 times. See...crazy. =)

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