Monday, January 7, 2013

Exercise Confusion: Walk vs Run

I had it all planned out - running was going to be my new thing. My plans always have kinks in them. I ran for 3 days straight. The first day was awesome. I felt great. Well, except for almost throwing up a few times afterwards. The second day was harder. I thought I was going to die on the treadmill but I didn't give up. Then I almost threw up afterwards. The third day I could barely walk and my joints hurt so badly that I felt like I was 90 years old. Still, I didn't give in and did 2 miles. The fourth day I gave in and did the elliptical and man oh man that felt good. I wasn't sick afterwards either.

So this week being #2 I was really excited. I thought this is the week I am going to run and not get so sick afterwards. I decided I was going to make my journey public with everyone and then join up for the gym's weight loss challenge where I will totally win the grand prize (ha!). Then Kelley entered the picture and she threw everything off. She mentioned that her and the teachers at my kiddo's daycare are going to do a MS Walk in the spring/summer (cannot remember which) where they walk a total of 50 miles. I thought - walk. Huh. I love to walk...but WAIT!! I signed up for a half marathon and had already decided I was going to be a RUNNER and not a WALKER! Then I listened to Kelley talk about how much she hated running and prefers walking. So. huh. Walking. I've been so focused on running this half marathon and I never even thought about walking it.

So me being me I experimented this morning on my workout. I decided I was going to walk and see how much of a time difference there was and how I felt afterwards. I am going to do it tomorrow too since day #2 is always the hardest for me. Today I felt awesome. I easily did 2 miles at a pace of 13:45 min/miles where I was running at 12:00 min/miles. And I didn't get sick afterwards. Huh.

So...what I am confused about is what would you do? Would you stick to walking? Do a combo of both (kinda what I am thinking)? Continue to push through the pain to run?


Oh, and I still joined the gym weight loss challenge. So that is totally happening no matter what :)


Kelly said...

Ok. I wouldn't run. I did this summer and I really liked it. But truthfully, for me, running just makes my legs all big. I never lose weight or "slim down". Maybe it's just the way I'm built-short and stocky ;)
Plus, I'd have to say not almost throwing up is a good thing!

Kelly said...

Something went wonky as I was typing.
Anyway, I say a calorie burned is a calorie burned whether you walk or run. Also, this journey will be much more enjoyable and stick-to-able if you enjoy yourself!

mommyski said...

Very good advice!!! I just don't want to seem lame if I am walking the half marathon vs the runners. I guess it's just a silly fear thing that I need to get over!