Sunday, February 3, 2013


TJ had his first trip to the Dentist on Wed (1/30).  I was terrified because Libby was going in for a cleaning and then TJ was going to have a checkup with the Dentist (no cleaning on this trip).  I always have enjoyed going to the Dentist.  My parents chose a really awesome one for me growing up and I used him until I moved to STL.  I wanted the kids to have the same experience.  We chose a place that just caters to kiddos and it is just fabulous.  Libby was nervous the first couple of times but now she has absolutely no problems going.  TJ isn't scared of anything so I knew he would be ok but I was still nervous because that is just my nature.  He did great though and hammed/flirted it up with all of the ladies.  This time he got to stay with me but next time he goes solo back for an actual cleaning.  They are going to buddy Libby and TJ up next to each other to help TJ...I hope that works.   Until then I  have 6 months to worry/think about it :)

First time at the dentist
TJ waiting in the play area

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