Sunday, February 10, 2013

Health Scare of 2013

I do not get sick that often.  It is really surprising honestly with two kids.  In the middle of December I got a really bad cold and then laryngitis for almost 3 weeks.  About a month after I got this cold/laryngitis I started to get a painful stabbing pain in my left rib.  I went to see the Dr the 4th because I couldn't breathe w/o the pain and I was not sleeping due to it.  I was pretty sure I had hurt/bruised/broken a rib from coughing so severely but I needed to get it checked out.  He had an x-ray taken (my first ever!) and then did a series of blood work.  The x-ray came back clean (no broken rib) but my blood work showed a positive result for a blood clot.  So on Friday I had to go get a CT Scan.  That was an interesting experience but luckily I have great family that is there for me.  It came back clean and meant that it was a false positive for the blood clot.  YAY!  So we still aren't sure what is causing the pain but I am just trying to take it easy and not hurt my side worse.  I hate getting old!

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