Sunday, February 10, 2013

Half Marathon Recap: Week 4

So this week was incredibly difficult due to health issues.  I will post more about that later but I am incredibly proud of how far I have come!!  I wasn't able to do one of my normal days on Friday so I will have to make up that time and I switched Sunday's long run (for today) with yesterday because I was nervous after taking 2 days off how that might effect me.  It definitely slowed me down on my pace but I still did 6 miles!  Bring on the running this week!

Day 1 (Sunday): 5 miles @ 11:30 min/mile pace
Day 2 (Monday): OFF
Day 3 (Tuesday): 3 miles @ 11:14 min/mile pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 2 miles @ 10:53 min/mile pace

Day 5 (Thursday): OFF

Day 6 (Friday): 3 miles  OFF - Will make up the time on Monday
Day 7 (Saturday): OFF 6 miles @ 12:05 min/mile pace

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