Sunday, February 3, 2013

Half Marathon Recap: Week 3

This week I suffered MAJOR burn out.  I hit a freaking wall.  I realized on Wed night something was really wrong cause I just could barely even make a half mile without wanting to die.  What happened to me?!  Then I realized I had worked out 7 days in a row without a break.  So I took Thursday off and went back to it on Friday and did an easy 2 miles at a decent pace (for me) and could have done more if I had more time.  So I think that was my problem.  We'll see this week!!  Here is what happened last week.

Day 1 (Sunday):  4 miles @ 12:02 pace
Day 2 (Monday):  OFF  2 miles @ 10:33 pace
Day 3 (Tuesday):  2 miles @ 11:30 pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 2 miles @ 11:06 pace ; 1 mile @ 12:05 pace (a woman was showing me up, and I couldn't have that ;))
Day 5 (Thursday):  OFF
Day 6 (Friday): 3 miles @ 11:09 pace
Day 7 (Saturday):  OFF

And since I started this, I have dropped 17 lbs and 2 pant sizes.  Very, very happy with my progress so far :)

This week will be harder because I am going to have to start working out more at night cause I cannot squeeze the workout in my time before work.  This is when it gets hard on ME because I don't want to leave my kiddos.  Must. remain. focused.

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