Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 28 Update

Jim and I had a lot to process from last Friday's appointment.  My main thing I wanted to avoid was bed rest.  Obviously I would do whatever allowed the baby to "cook" longer but I was dreading getting the labs back from all of the lovely tests I took over the weekend and Monday.  Today was the big day to go in and see the Dr to find out how I did.  Everything went really well.  My blood pressure was still a little high for normal people but for me, it was decent (especially recently)...and was a bit higher than what it had been at home.  You see, I have the "pleasure" of taking my blood pressure a couple of times daily and logging the readings.  It's fun and doesn't at all make me freak out more...not at all. =)  Actually it isn't that bad but it is always on my mind which defeats the point.  So I knew what to expect when I got into the Dr office today as far as my BP goes...the labs on the other hand I wasn't sure about.  Everything came back normal except for my platelets which were low.  The Dr explained that was normal in cases where preggo's BPs are higher.  I don't show any signs of toxemia or pre-eclampsia so no bed rest for me...yet.  She also explained that our new goal is to make it to 37 weeks.  So that could possibly knock of 2 weeks of "cooking".  There was also the warning of what the high risk Dr will be looking for.  He/She will be looking for whether TJ will be growing at the right rate over the next few weeks.  If he doesn't, then they will need to decide if he would do better out in the world versus in.  I'm not worrying about that...I cannot control that.  All I can do for now is to relax and stay at home and off my feet as much as possible.  So that's what I am doing.  I have my first appointment on Friday with the high risk Dr.  They are going to take another ultrasound of TJ.  I must admit I like getting to see him and I love the level of care we are getting.  Good Drs are awesome.  Just awesome.  More to come after Friday's appointment about how everything is going.

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