Monday, May 3, 2010

Purple Toes

Colors. Libby loves them. Fingernail/toenail polish specifically interests her. When she was little I couldn't wear fingernail polish because she wouldn't eat and would just stare at the colors. I painted my toes a few weeks back and Libby took notice.
05.01.10 feet
So when I went out this weekend I got her some special purple polish. On Saturday night I put towels everywhere and attempted to paint her toes. The first foot was a challenge. I don't know if it was just her getting used to the sensation or the fact she had to hold still but it wasn't working. The towel is covered with a lot of polish and we had to redo her first foot several times. It made me wish she didn't have two feet. =) We eventually got her to settle down and she loves them now. She tells everyone she can she has purple toes. I must admit...she looks a lot older with her little piggies painted but they will always be little piggies to me ;)

05.01.10 purple toes

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