Thursday, May 13, 2010

STL Vampires?

That's right folks. We have vampires in St. Louis. Well, not really but it sure felt like it yesterday when I went to take my glucose test done. After I waited for the hour needed, I eventually was called back to get the blood drawn. I have "rolling veins" where my vein will be there one second and then the next it may disappear. I told my vampire that to warn her. She didn't listen. I'm not sure if she thought I just didn't think she could do her job or what...but I was the one that was hurt by her not paying attention. The vampire began trying to find a vein and eventually found one in my left arm. For a second or two it looks like everything was going to be fine but then I heard her grunting and felt sharp pains in my arm. Now, I have had a lot of blood work done but I still cannot watch while they do it. It creeps me out. So when I started to feel her moving the needle in the arm in hopes to find the vein again I knew I was doomed. So the vampire pulled the needle out and asked me if I was nervous. I explained calmly, "No. I am not nervous. I have a lot of experience with getting this done but 1) I have been sitting here for over a half an hour while 26 weeks pregnant and I have to use the restroom and 2) It kind of hurts a lot when you are rooting around in my arm WITH A NEEDLE. So she let me get up and use the restroom. When I returned, the vampire had another needle ready for me and went after my right arm. She jammed it in after saying she found an "ok" vein and then starting to move the need around AGAIN. She didn't get any blood out. AT. ALL. I was getting pretty irritated at this time because I knew my arms would be sore the rest of the day and we only had one vile barely 1/4 of the way filled with the rest of that one + another one to do still. Then she asked for my hand. There was no way on this planet I was letting her put a needle in my hand. I've done that before and it hurts beyond belief. I told her to try the right arm again because it is usually the one that cooperates better. Lets just say the vampire was not happy with me and she wanted me out of there. She tried again and was unsuccessful. Away she went to get another co-worker to help her pick a vein. She's "never had this happen before." All I can do is look down at my arms bleeding horribly now and sigh. In comes another vampire, the receptionist, who apparently can also draw blood. They began to argue about what was and was not a vein. At this point I put my head in my left hand and hear the new vampire say, "I'll just do it." Followed by the original saying, "But you don't know where the vein" AND JAM! Shooting pain. And then the vile was full and I left with the original one saying, "I hope we have enough blood to run this first test."

Needless to say I had bandages everywhere and now bruises everywhere. I just hope they had enough of my blood. Bad vampires.

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