Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sleep Training

I didn't expected to get a lot of sleep with this pregnancy. I remembered with Libby how little I was getting towards the end. Honestly, I haven't a full, decent night's sleep since being pregnant with Libby 3 years ago. Not complaining because it is my own fault. =) In any case, I have recently had the "pleasure" of hip pain when I lay down. It started out really mild and I could take it but last night I could barely lay down without crying out in pain. Sadly, this makes the baby go insane because he knows his momma is not happy and begins to wiggle around. Yeah, that doesn't help AT ALL and makes it 10x's worse. I never had this with Libby. I pretty much think it is because she was so high and he is sooo low. I'm still getting used to the fact he's so low because it definitely makes for a completely different pregnancy. So I am counting this lack of sleep for sleep training when the baby is born. I am so far used to getting up every hour to use the restroom or roll over and then waking up at 3:00 or 3:30 AM to start my day. I'm ready kiddo - bring. it. on. =)

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