Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 27 Update

I'll start with the good news. We were lucky to be able to do another ultrasound because they were not able to capture all of the chambers of the heart from the 20 week ultrasound. The baby is doing great. He's breech. I wasn't shocked by this because I constantly feel his feet at my bladder. This doesn't matter much since we'll deliver via c-section. Oh, and he's huge. The doctor said out of 100 babies, only 8 would be larger than him. So my friend joked he'll be a linebacker. But he looks awesome and just did a fantastic job during the ultrasound...well, except letting us confirm he is indeed a boy.

Now on to the bad news. My 24 week appointment showed that my blood pressure was beginning to creep up. I had a few issues last week and even had to have a non-planned appointment with the Dr. They found that it was a bladder infection so luckily it wasn't a big deal but sadly that was the beginning of our troubles. Today my blood pressure was high. Not as high as my blood pressure got with Libby but considering my BP went from low to high in a few, I keep gaining weight quickly...the Dr is concerned. I am officially considered "high risk" and now have to go to a whole new set of Drs a couple of times each week. I kept it together pretty well while I was at the Dr's office but once I got to the car I allowed myself to break down for a few minutes. I needed to release it. I feel like I am a failure as a "host" to my babies. This one was going so much better and now they are talking about options from having me work from home full time to cutting back my hours to full blown bed TWENTY SEVEN WEEKS. I still have 12 to go before we are scheduled for delivery. I HAVE to make it until 36/37 weeks. I have to. So I will do whatever it takes but this was a big blow. I thought I was doing so well. So now I am trying to figure out what has changed. Unfortunately, I cannot think of a single thing. I am just so disappointed that my body cannot handle pregnancy. On the brighter side, this Dr does seem to believe me and my BP issues and are treating me like I am not doing anything wrong. It was awesome to have that support since last time I did not have that. I'm so glad I switched Drs. I'll keep you all updated on what happens from now on. This is gonna be a wild ride the last trimester. Here we go!

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Rebecca said...

It sounds like you are doing an fantastic job taking care of little Tommy! Sending hugs!