Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lamaze: Finale

We had our last Lamaze class on Tues night. I got caught up on the things we missed last week: Epidural, C-section, and induction. Here are the things we talked about:
  • Epidural
    • One thing I learned through the video is that it is never too late to have an epidural. I found that really interesting and it contradicts everything I have ever heard.
    • These scare me only they use a HUGE needle and stick it in your spine. I found out from my sister a day later it really isn't that bad and it is just a light prick of a needle where they numb you first and then you can't feel the big needle.
  • C-Section
    • I had the pleasure of watching a video on this. I don't really have anything to add on this...just it looks super painful since they move so much around to get the baby out.
  • Induction
    • A lot of people like inductions because you can basically 'choose when to have the baby' but the slides showed there are complications. Basically, it can cause the contractions to be harder/more intense and your body may not be 100% ready for the process since it isn't by choice that it is going through the delivery process.
  • Crying Babies
    • There are 7 different types of cries...I unfortunately cannot name all of them. However, the video basically said we need to step back and just learn what happens when our baby cries. It can be from boredom, too much stimulation, etc. There are numerous reasons and it doesn't always mean they are in pain.
  • Postpartum
    • Apparently we will miss being pregnant. =) In all seriousness, we talked about how we will miss feeling the baby move and how we won't necessarily take care of ourselves once the baby is born because we will fixate on the baby. The leader of the class just wanted to make sure we take care of ourselves and sleep.
  • What to bring to the hospital
    • One suggestion is to have 2 bags: one for labor and one for after delivery.
      • Labor Bag - This bag will just have overnight essentials. It is just a smaller bag to keep with you that has a lot of stress relievers to make labor 'more relaxing'. (cause, you know - that is possible)
      • After Delivery Bag - This bag has things to keep you in stock with everything you will need during your stay at the hospital. It includes things like tooth brush, tooth paste, shower stuff, night gowns, cameras, video camera, batteries, etc.
So, to summarize how I felt about the lamaze class - I don't know if I recommend it. We took the 6 week Lamaze/Infant Care Class. I highly recommend the Infant Care part of the class but as far as the Lamaze part...the book they provided was enough info for me. I didn't need someone repeating what was written down.

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