Monday, September 17, 2007

Max vs the Mail

My cat, Max, has a problem. Well, he has many but the one that I am going to describe involves a daily problem with the mail. For those of you that have not been to my house, we have a mail slot through the front door. Monday through Saturday (when we are lucky) our mail is shoved through the slot onto our floor. Max, who is afraid of everything, gets very excited by this routine and is very sad on Sunday when it doesn't happen. You might be thinking - Holly, if the mail is shoved through this slot it would surely hit Max in the head. Yup - you are right and he LOVES it. I will catch this on video and post it here at some point in time...but given that this morning he got hit in the head 2 times this morning by 3 rounds of mail, I just had to post it on our family site. Stay tuned for the video in the future =)

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