Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 37 Doctor Update

Well, this kid has no desire of coming out. Unfortunately I can't bribe her to come matter how much I tell how nice it is out here and how so many people want to meet her, she just won't stay put. We did have regular contractions every 30 minutes all day. By all day, I mean they started Tuesday evening around 7pm and lasted until 7pm until Wednesday. I was so tired last night I was surprised I even made it past 9pm. But alas, my insomnia kicked in. The past few nights I may get around 4 hours of sleep tops. I'm really relying on naps to make me a nice person. =) So if I am snippy with anyone (sorry Jim, I love you), I apologize in advance. I am trying not to. =)

The good news on the baby is her heart beat is perfect. She is super strong and stills kicks me continuously (which is why I know she likes it a bit too much in there!). The doctor was surprised because they are supposed to not be as active now. Ah, my little spaz. =)

The other good news is my blood pressure was finally decent at the doctor's office. It was 121/88. While the bottom # is a bit higher than we want, the top # was steadily over 150 for months. So we're making progress. =)

Alrighty - so unless a miracle happens, it'll be a bit before Elizabeth comes into the world. =) Lets see what happens!

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