Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're home!

They released Elizabeth and me this morning around 11am. Her pictures are up on the web nursery page for the hospital now. They are adorable.

We're very excited to be home! Max is adjusting - he just growled a little at her when we came in the door and pretty much just wants to see me now. I'm very glad to be home and actually be a parent. So far the hospital has continued the trend of weaning me off pain relievers before I should be. For those of you that don't know the back story, they gave me an epidural for the c-section on Wednesday night around 9:30/10:00 pm. On Thursday morning they woke me up between 7:30 and 8:00 am to, as they put it, rip it out. Around 10 am I asked a nurse why they would do that and if I am going to get any other medicine to help with the pain. The nurse told me that they shouldn't have done that and it should have been in for a few more days. It turns out that they mixed me up with the woman that had previously been in that room. In any case, I hadn't really been in pain yet but I was afraid of what was yet to come. The very helpful nurse said she would order me something that would slowly drip a constant pain relief and then I could have the ability to have a shot of extra pain medicine whenever I needed it. Two hours later they brought me this device that was to make me so happy. About an hour later (5 hours after they took out my epidural that was supposed to be in for 2 days), I complained I was in a little pain and it seems to be getting a little bit more and more uncomfortable. The nurse checked it out and it turns out the device was not working. About an hour later they finally got it to work and shortly after that I was getting some pain relief. I figured after all of this I would be home free and there really wasn't anything else that could be worse. Well, after getting home and dropping the prescription for the pain relievers at Walgreens, Jim returned back to pick up the prescription only to discover it wasn't filled due to it not being filled out properly. I went nearly 4 hours w/o any pain medicine after being incredibly active today. So needless to say, this was by far the most painful day since the surgery. It still wasn't too bad...but I am glad that I should get some relief soon! In any case, we are getting in the swing of things. So far we have had 2 bottles and 3 diaper changes. We'll eventually get into a routine but for now, Jim and I just keep looking at the pack 'n play in awe at our beautiful sleeping baby. =)

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