Saturday, September 1, 2007

Week 34

So, this was a very eventful week...filled by lots of excitement.
  • Tuesday:
    • Lamaze (see previous post)
  • Wed:
    • Zoe Elizabeth's Birthday!
      • My sister went into labor on Tuesday evening and after about 14 hours had Zoe Elizabeth at 9:22 am cst. I was not aware she was in the hospital until about 6am on Wed so that I could get some sleep that night. Once I heard about Erin being in the hospital, nothing could keep me away and I rushed to finish working and got to the hospital by 8:30 am. After a long evening of ups and downs, Zoe entered the world absolutely perfect. My parents had gotten to the hospital around 10am about the same time we could go back to see Erin, Adam, and the baby. Everyone is doing great and the family is at home now.
      • I had my last every 2 week appointment. Everything went well and I made my first weekly appointment for next Thursday at 9:45 am. The baby's heart rate was great and my blood pressure was holding steady. It is still high but as long as it doesn't go any higher I am good for now.
      • Also, I have had the 'pleasure' of getting sick in the evenings where I get indigestion starting at 7:30pm and then it goes away around 9:00. It gives me long enough to go to sleep and wake me up about 11:00pm sick as a dog and then keeps me up until 2am. This has happened continuously since Wed night.
  • Friday
    • I have noticed constant pains in my stomach when walking around. They aren't contractions (although I am getting those more frequently now). I finally could not stand it after being exhausted from the lack of sleep the previous 2 nights. I worked from home on Friday hoping that will help. To avoid the pain of getting up and down, I would literally wheel myself around in a chair. It worked for awhile but eventually I had to walk to the restroom and about fell down from the shock of discomfort (some would say pain). I called the doctor immediately cause I wasn't alarmed I was going into labor because I knew they weren't contractions...but I also didn't know what they were and wanted to get rid of whatever this was. The nurse told me she believes that my baby is getting too big for my body to handle and I was directed to stay off my feet as much as possible and buy a maternity belt for support. So, I can't wait for my appointment next Thursda

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