Monday, September 24, 2007

Blood Pressure Update

Unfortunately my blood pressure has been going a bit crazy recently. On Friday we had a little scare where I thought we might have to go into the hospital but it ended up calming down by the end of the day. Over the weekend it was a little high but nothing to be concerned about. I thought we were in the clear until this morning when I woke up and it was the highest it had been in a month. I was so disappointed but didn't give up. Instead of calling the doctor right away like I did on Friday, I decided to just monitor it myself for a few hours and if it remained high call in. It went down after a few hours. This has been a roller coaster but we'll see what happens on the next Doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Just need to make it 12 more days until the big due date.

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Tracy Wasmer said...

Hi Holly, have you tried any of the SLOW breathing techniques to lower your blood pressure? It works for me most of the time. Just GOOGLE "Slow breathing for lowering blood pressure" and read the articles and give it a try!
Good Luck!!