Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baby Acne

Saturday night I noticed some tiny bumps on Libby's head. I wasn't shocked by it because I have sensitive skin and figured she would get a rash eventually. It was just a tiny bit on her cheek but then the next day I noticed it was spreading behind her head and it was on her left ear. Because it was mostly on the left hand side, I thought it was just a regular rash. I called the pediatrician on Monday to see if it was maybe a heat rash or could possibly be acne. It got worse Monday and Tuesday morning so I went to go see the doctor on Tuesday morning. The doctor explained it was just baby acne and it normally goes away after the baby is 2 months old. Given she is 7 weeks today, hopefully this won't last that long! The doctor said it was very mild and we just should wait it out. It isn't too bad but it bothers me to see it. Of course, Libby doesn't even notice it is there. =)

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