Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wii are crazy!

Last year a game system called the Wii came out. I am a big fan of Nintendo products so of course I was interested. Sadly the quantities were very limited not to mention my funds to purchase such a fun thing. I also knew we would be having a baby sometime in 2007 or early 2008 so the idea of purchasing something like that would be silly. I've played the systems a few times at friend's houses and could tell I would love it. The other day I was talking with my neighbor's grandson and he mentioned Gamestop at the Galleria had some in stock. I quickly looked at my bank account to see if I could swing it and I could. I wanted to go that day but how funny that my car battery died. I took it as a sign I shouldn't get one right now. The next day, yesterday, I decided Libby and I needed to get out (ok, I really needed to) and we went to the mall. I stayed far, far away from Gamestop for the first 45 minutes that we walked...until I just couldn't take it anymore. I knew we were going to have to leave soon since Libby would be getting hungry. I walked into the store and saw a lady in front of me purchasing the system and had hopes that they would have some in stock since they are still limited in quantities. The sales guy told me they had just gotten 10 more in during the last hour and they only had one left. I took that as a sign I needed to buy it. =) So last night Libby was so good that Jim and I got the system set up and we even got to play a few sports (that's right, I said sports) games on it. We only have one game so far but we'll hopefully get more soon. Libby loves watching me bowl so that is pretty funny. I think it helps that I make sound effects for her! I'm very excited to have this after a year of waiting!

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