Monday, November 5, 2007

Formula Transition - Day 2

Day 2 did not go as smoothly as Day 1. We ran out of premade stuff in the morning so until Jim got back from the store with the premade stuff I was using the powdered stuff. It made for a looooong morning. She ended up being hungry every couple of hours. As soon as we got the premade stuff in her tummy in the afternoon it got a little bit better. By the 11pm/12am feeding, she was doing better. She was able to make it 3 and then 3.5 hours between the late night feedings. I think we're going to forgo using the powder until we can add cereal to it. I think we can transition her to the powder then because, I hope, the cereal will compensate for it not filling her up. In the end, it won't be any cheaper to use the powder if we have to feed her twice as often. =( I'm hoping using the premade will help her be able to go longer between feedings now! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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