Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bath Time

Bath time is Libby's most hated time. The first tub bath broke my heart. She just sat there looking cold or terrified. I figured I could easily fix the cold part of the bath so I decided to make bath time in the actual bath room. My hope was I could warm it up because it was a smaller space. Well, lets just say bath time is also my most hated time too. She screams ... and screams ... and screams ... and screams. Thank goodness she is so tiny that it doesn't take very long. She HATES it. I am putting the bath time on a schedule that we can keep with the hopes she will eventually like it or at least get used to it and expect it. I'm not sure how to get her to like it - it isn't like she can play with anything at this age. Anyone have any suggestions? I know she will eventually tolerate or maybe even like it when we can give her a toy or two to play with but now. Geesh. It is like WWIII.

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