Sunday, November 4, 2007


I was always worried about Max when we had a baby. For those of you that have met him, he isn't really the most friendly cat. In fact, he doesn't really like anyone but me and he tolerates Jim. We think the baby broke his spirit because he stays upstairs all of the time just in case the crying thingy (aka, the baby) starts making a lot of noise. The biggest change is when we have company over - he will actually go up to people! He never did that before. What is strange is that I am not spending any less time than I did with him before Libby was born. Sadly, he just doesn't think of it that way! He's starting to get used to it a bit more now though. Max is even venturing out and getting physically closer to the screaming object. He'll sit with me on the couch while I feed her. My favorite is when he looks at me or comes to get me when she starts screaming. I honestly think he is trying to get me to hurry to take care of her. We were worried that he might try to get into her crib because he seemed to like her nursery a lot. To avoid this we keep the door shut most of the time. I started leaving it open a bit more and he just sits outside the door protecting the baby. It is just so cute and not what I expected at all! So there is hope!

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