Saturday, January 26, 2008

Car Seat

Last weekend we decided to call it quits on the infant carrier. With her being 18lbs+ it was getting incredibly hard to carry her around. Plus I was concerned that she would max out on it and we wouldn't have enough time to get the new one installed. So last Saturday in the FREEZING cold I stood outside watching a fireman install our new car seats in each of our cars. At least we won't have to worry about changing it out again until she is 1 year old. =) Oh, and my back has officially stopped hurting since I don't have to 'lug' that thing around every morning. Carrying her is soooo much easier. It was strange to get used to not wrapping her up in blankets and making sure she is warm. Now I have to get her in a jacket and squish her head into a hat (boy that was fun the first day!). One good thing is she loves her stroller now and stays awake. She loved the stroller before but never stayed awake since she was in the carrier. Now she can see everything that is going on. It is wonderful!

YAY for the big girl car seat!

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