Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 3: Really Good Day

While I am still trying to adjust to working, being a Mom, and finding a balance between my work and personal life, Libby is thriving at the daycare. Today was a good day and I really don't have any complaints. The only snag in the whole process was that no one was in her room this morning so I had to wait 10 minutes before someone showed up. It wasn't a big deal and honestly gave me an excuse to spend more time with Miss Libby. Besides - she was sleeping so she really didn't mind. =)

I feel like I am not able to concentrate and put in 100% at work. I think that is because I feel bad saying at 4:45 PM that I have to go. It isn't that I am not working 40 hrs per week. I am still working more (not much more but a little bit). It is just that my team is so wonderful and they are having to pick up my slack. I hate that. Anyways, enough about work. Today went well and it is Friday. Two days with my family. I love it!

Oh, one final note - I loved coming home to be with Jim but to come home, pick up Libby, and be with her and Jim - that is just pure heaven.

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