Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daycare - Day 2

Last night Libby fell asleep at 7:00. She was exhausted. I fell asleep at 9:00. I was exhausted. She still slept 6.5 hours before getting up for a feeding. Then I had the unfortunate task of getting her up at 6:10am. She quickly realized she was hungry so I fed her and off to the prison..I mean daycare we went. I expected it to be incredibly hard to leave her again and it wasn't great, but a little easier. She smiled and laughed at her teacher and me and I quickly said good-bye so I wouldn't snatch her up and sneak back home. I called and checked on her twice and she did ok today. She still hasn't cried during the day so that is good. Usually picking her up at the end of the day is something I look forward to. Today I picked her up and her nose was so congested she was struggling to breathe. She was breathing so it was fine but no one told me she was having trouble. Now I think I was just being over protective of her but she really was not having an easy time. So today was not perfect. I got her home around 5:30 and she went right to sleep. I think from the records, she is maybe napping a total of 2 hours during the day. Anyways, I am still not thrilled at this whole thing and really don't like itbut I don't have a choice. Fun.

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