Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weird Week Update

This has been the strangest week ever. I did keep Libby at home on Tuesday and with Grandma Ski's help it was a good day. Libby still didn't eat much but she definitely was not dehydrated - which is what I was worried about. Oh, and for the record, for those of you that think you can stay at home and work while caring for a baby, you are out of your minds. =)

On Wednesday I took Libby back to daycare and she did great. She still didn't eat well but it was getting better. Her attitude hadn't changed and, if anything, she slept better. Today was even better. She had almost normal bottles and is most definitely playing catch up at night with her feedings by having a ton right before she goes to sleep.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday so that we can spend some more time with her. Sadly, I have to work some this weekend but I plan on squeezing every second I can with her!

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