Sunday, January 6, 2008


Libby may look like her daddy but she is taking after me in the tooth department. That's right - she is already getting a tooth in. You can tell it is hurting her and she won't use a teething ring. I figure she will later on...she just doesn't like the cold. I'm hoping once she figures out it will make her feel better she will. Right now we are just using Tylenol and it seems to be helping a lot. It is just crazy to think she is already getting a tooth! Good grief!

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Raukodraug said...

I remember when Mouse was teething. Rubbing Tylenol directly on the gums would help. When that would wear off it was on to baby Oragel. When that would wear off it was back to Tylenol ... and so on.

I'm not looking forward to Pickle teething. I know she's only 2 months old, but it's already on my "Things to get ready for" radar.