Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm running a tad late but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our household spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday at home hosting not one but two Thanksgivings. I will freely admit I was scared at of my mind to do these but the idea of having our families share our first major holiday in our new home helped me overcome that...that and many phone calls to my mother-in-law and mom for help. =) It did not help that I had 1) never hosted thanksgiving and 2) never cooked a turkey. My mother-in-law bought and cleaned out the 20lb turkey for Thursday's meal so that helped a lot. The rest were traditional sides my Mom always made us...times two. =) So those I had at least seen done. After a few issues, everything turned out fine and only one of the two meals was delayed! I call Thanksgiving 2009 an absolute success! And now to find inventive ways to eat the left overs ;)

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