Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Play-doh Fun

My child is nuts about play-doh. I thought 2 year olds couldn’t have a long attention span. Apparently they can when there is play-doh involved. On Sunday, Libby played with it for 2 hours straight. She’d play with me and then switch to Jim and then back to me. It was wonderful. We made all kinds of things with it: suns with rays, a snowman, banana, hot dog, duck, etc. Nothing was boring to her. She just loves it and even asks for it in the morning. We got a tub with 3 1lb tubs of red, blue, and yellow. She’ll cycle between the colors. We won’t let her play with all 3 at once because lets face it. If we did that, we would only have one thing left of it because she’d mix them all together. Luckily for now she is very happy with one color at a time.

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