Friday, November 20, 2009

Miss Manners

Jim and I are trying to make sure our child has good manners. She is starting to get the hang of it. “Bless you”, “Thank you”, “Please” and “Sorry” are all being used…but the problem we are having is that when she says “please” she assumes it will happen. Just today when I was taking her to daycare she said, “Monkey Zoo, please?” in her sweetest voice ever. Of course I wanted to drop everything and just take her to the zoo to see the monkeys…but I knew that wouldn’t pay the bills. “Sorry” is another one that is getting there but not quite. It usually follows after she does something painful to us and it is the fakest sorry I have ever heard. Even as she is running over my foot with her stroller or pulling our my hair with a comb, whenever I hear her say “sorry” in her cute, fake voice it melts my heart. I guess that doesn’t help her learn though, huh? Even though she doesn’t have these down, she understands “Bless You” and “Thank You”. Usually with “Bless You” she says, “Mommy sneeze?” and I nod or say yes then she says, “oh, oh! Bless you”. So she gets it. =) Now to get her not to hurt us when she says sorry and to understand just because she says please it doesn’t mean she will get the thing she wants…hmm

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