Friday, November 20, 2009


I have hope that someday my daughter won’t turn on the news and only hear about death and destruction. She won’t hear about children being abused or people killing each other.

I have to have hope that this will stop. That people will live with one another and treat each other with the respect that they deserve.

I have to have hope that this will happen or I my heart is going to break into a million pieces.
I just have to have hope.

As I look at families that are struggling to keep their children alive from illnesses, I just cannot comprehend how other people are killing them. Every time I see or hear about it happening a piece of me dies. I will never get it back. I have actually stopped listening or watching the news just because of this reason. And, sadly, I still learn about it without trying. That’s how often it is happening now.

Please. I beg of you. Stop. I have to have hope and faith that people will start being human again. Love each other. Please. I have to have hope for my daughter and her future on this earth.

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