Monday, January 7, 2008

Libby Drama

Today was strange. I got up at 2am with Libby Lu to feed her, and she quickly downed a 7oz bottle. I had such hope that it would be a normal day...but, sadly, it wasn't. My routine was normal - I got up at 5, loaded the car, and then got Libby up at 6:00. That's where it went wrong. I thought because it had been 4 hours since her last feeding I would try to feed her before taking her to daycare. She wanted no part of it and had only 2 oz. I figured she was just too sleepy but she was wide awake. So off to daycare we went with her wide awake. I dropped her off and left her playing on the floor with one of her teachers. Around 11:30 I called over to the daycare to see how Miss Libby Lu was doing and couldn't get a hold of the teacher that was taking care of her. She wanted to call me back to talk about Elizabeth. Again - bad feeling. About 20 long minutes later she called me back to tell me they were struggling to get Libby to eat. She only had 3 or 4 oz at her last feeding and cried every time they put the bottle in her mouth. I was a little nervous but thought maybe it was a fluke. She, thankfully, suggested she would call back after she tried to feed her again at her next bottle. I got the next call around 12:30 to say she only had 2 oz and was crying very hard. So, off to the daycare to get her. I tried to feed her when I got home and she downed 6.5 oz. I think she was really warm. It was very hot in the room because of the strange temperature change outside. I dressed her as cooly as I could get - a short sleeve onsie and very light pants. It apparently did not help. I was very nervous and thought she just wouldn't eat for them. Wrong! The next feeding around 4:00 was awful. All of a sudden she just started screaming while sucking on her bottle. I heard a strange sound and realized that she just hit what little tooth had been coming through. So that ended the mystery of why Libby was screaming. I plan on keeping her home tomorrow to further test that theory. We are armed with Orajel and Tylenol so I think we are good. Grandma Ski is coming over to help me since I will be working from home. This way I can actually work. =) Ah, teething messes everything up!

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Raukodraug said...

I know you said Libby wasn't digging the teething rings... but what kind are you using?

I remember with Mouse that she wouldn't take the store bought rings, but we took a baby wash cloth rolled it up, sewed the two ends into a ring, and then would put a little water on it and get it cold. For some reason she liked the feeling of cold terry cloth on her gums.

I hope the teething goes better today.