Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Elizabeth at home: Days 1 and 2

Well, we have been home since Sunday afternoon and things are going really well. Of course I still haven't unpacked everything from the hospital yet but we're getting there! Miss Elizabeth is doing fantastic.

Not much happened on Day 1. We just put together some last minute items like the pack 'n play so that we can change her downstairs since I cannot go up and down the stairs. We weren't expecting that =). Mostly Elizabeth slepted and I watched her. We expected the first night to be rough given the horror stories we heard from other folks but it wasn't too bad. Jim and I decided to team up and I went to be 'early', he would stay up late with her, and then I would tag him out and take over when he needed to go to sleep. The hope was to put her in her crib for a bit upstairs and then we would both get some sleep at some point together - that didn't happen. It still wasn't too bad. I got slept from about 10-3 and then got up to tag Jim out when we realized Libby wasn't going to go to bed. Jim then went to sleep and slept until he naturally got up so he could be able to do the late shift for that night. Libby and I stayed wide awake until about 9:15. I didn't know a newborn could cry for 6 hours straight. Granted - it wasn't her fault. We found out through process of elimination that she needed more food than we were giving her. The nurses at the hospital told us not to give her more than 2 ounces or she will get sick. So, of course not having a clue, we stuck with that. Well, lets just say once we upped it to 3 ounces she was content and then went right to sleep which provided some necessary relief to me. =) The rest of the Day 2 consisted of lots and lots of sleeping from Libby to make up for her 6 hours of being awake. We had high hopes that upping her food would allow her to sleep through longer periods of time, allowing Jim and I both to get some sleep - maybe even at the same time! Well, as of 5am this morning when I am writing this (just because I frankly got enough sleep and was ready to start my day), it worked. Jim stayed up until the 2am feeding and then put her down in her crib and she is still sleeping! I love this child. She is a GREAT eater and a terrific sleeper. So, please say lots and lots of prayers that she stays this way. Not many new parents can say they are getting 6-8 hours of sleep each.

All in all I would mark Day 1 and Day 2 as successes. She seems to be thriving and be very, very happy. Jim and I are both learning a lot about her and her signs for things. She is just a dream come true!

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