Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Has anyone noticed how noisy a baby is? I have nicknamed the baby Piglet because she eats so much, often, and loudly...however, sleeping is quiet time to me but not for Libby. =) First of all, she hates blankets. Swaddling is totally out of the picture now. Heavens forbid something is over her legs! She will just grunt, groan, and strain until that blanket is off of her legs. Even now I hear her grunting and I know what she is doing.

How can a baby make this much noise and get any sleep? I've read that it is totally normal for babies to make noise and they don't develop normal sleep patterns for a few months. Oy! It is craziness. The super ultrasonic baby monitor doesn't help either. It picks up on everything. We live near Forest Park and they are still having live bands play near the History Museum on Tuesday nights. Ask me how I know. I dare ya. Yup - the monitor picked it up. So I fell asleep while listening to what I think what R&B music miles away. One good thing is I don't need my white noise machine on anymore. There is enough 'natural' noise to lull me to sleep anytime!

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