Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tales of a Piglet

I have very lovingly nicknamed my daughter Piglet during feeding times. She is an absolutely fantastic eater. After only being 3 weeks old, she can now drain 4 ounces in 20 minutes flat with being burped every ounce. It is amazing. I have heard horror stories of babies that won't eat or fall asleep during feedings...usually she will fall asleep during the end, but the burping wakes her up and she turns into my little piglet again. Feedings are some of my favorite times with her because she is so animated and, well, loud. My favorite thing she does is suck on her hands because it makes this absolutely adorable sound. A favorite thing she does that I can't tell if I am amused about is burp in my face. I almost have figured out when she is going to do it now so I can brace myself (well, my nose) and look away. It is almost like she is saying, "So there! You wanted me to burp!". I'm thinking I think it is funny...even at 3am. =) The only things we are struggling with feeding her are getting her not to choke (because she is a little too excited by food) and figuring out how much she actually wants to eat. I usually find out (a bit too late) that we haven't fed her enough when she is hungry 2 hours after the feedings. It is a careful balancing act. Yesterday, she was consistently downing 4 ounces and seemed to want there go my cute newborn 4 ounce bottles and here we go to the massive, lets whack Mom and Dad in the face, 8 ounce bottles. Ah, what an adventure! =)

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