Friday, October 5, 2007

Eruptions and Explosions

I had always heard about diaper explosions and had witnessed first had spit ups...but to see them first hand and to watch your own daughter spit up a ton of her food she was so happy to get...well, it is just rough. Yesterday was a bad day in the food/stomach department. We had our 2nd exploding diaper since bringing Libby home and she also spit up a ton after her mid afternoon feeding. It just was so sad to watch that happen. I figured out the key is to not let the baby wipes to run out...when that happens, everything goes crazy! Since I can't go up and down the stairs much, I am pretty much confined to the main level. When the explosions happen, we seem to be out of baby wipes. So, simply put, I am never going to let that happen..cause you know - they are connected somehow. =)

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