Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Night Time

Night time is typically very quiet. Libby likes to sleep about as much as she likes to eat...but now she doesn't seem to want to do either during the late hours. Well, let me rephrase that, she'll do both but in very small amounts. Last night we played a little game where she would get me up every 2 hours to eat. This was a surprise because the night before, she went 4 hours. There is no method for this madness. I know she was getting me up every 2 hours last night because she would not eat much at all. There was nothing I could do to keep her eating. I mean I tried everything from turning on the lights on the fan to singing to her (bad idea - put her to sleep very fast!) to rubbing lotion on her (she hates that) to tickling her feet. Nothing worked. Each time we got up, she would maybe eat 2 oz and then fall asleep. She did not use to do this. Her night time feedings maybe took 15-20 minutes of her quickly eating as fast as she can up to 5 oz at a time so she could doze back to sleep. She almost seems annoyed with her stomach now and that it makes her get up to eat. It is like she just wants to feel full enough to go back to sleep. Luckily, she does fall back to sleep on her own very quickly so she doesn't want to be held (that is reserved for during the day which is why my arm is so sore!). There just has to be a trick to getting her to eat more so she can get longer times at sleeping.

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